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Kevy Nova: Online Lessons

Private Online Video Lessons are NOW AVAILABLE!

I have over 20 years of experience teaching Guitar, Bass and Ukulele and now I’m offering LIVE VIDEO LESSONS so you can learn from me regardless of where you live! My students range in age from 5 years old to their 70s. I specialize in Rock, Blues, Pop, Alternative, Metal, Classic Rock, Country & Oldies. 

My teaching style is to teach you all the fundamentals of theory, technique, reading, etc. by learning songs that YOU want to play!

Contact me at for pricing & availability. Here are some testimonials from students:

Cody C. 
Kevin is very thorough, but also has a spectacular way of not making things too complex. It's not a one size fits all approach. He will break things down into bite sized pieces you can handle and as he gets to know you teach you in a way that fits your learning style. I would highly recommend him to a player of any skill level

Kevin is very knowledgeable with lots of fun stories. He's a great teacher and an amazing musician with heart.

Gabriel N.
I've never had live video lessons with Kevin, but learning guitar from him through face-to-face sessions and knowing his personality I am sure his live video lessons are great! Kevin lives for music. He meets people at the level they are at, whether just beginning or been playing for years, and helps them progress. He makes music fun! When I was first learning guitar, he helped me put together a Christmas tape and cds in which he played various back-up roles (even a kazoo!). He also put on a concert for all his students to perform their favorite songs that they had been learning. He teaches the fundamentals of guitar while making it a ton of fun. Overall, he is a great teacher no matter what the age or skill level!

Daniel H.   
Kevy Nova was my guitar teacher for many years, and I owe everything I have learned to him. He not only has an incredible amount of knowledge about the technical aspects of music but also a deep understanding of the history of modern music and helped me fuel my passion for rock n' roll. Kevin didn't just simply teach me how to play a guitar, he taught me how to speak with one.

Cole B. 
While it has been a few years since I have taken Guitar Lesson's with Kevy, he is by far the BEST guitar instructor any student of any age could ask for! Kevy taught me guitar for several years all through middle and high school (I'm currently a College Student), and not only is an experienced musician, but a seasoned instructor. He has taught students of all ages, and is great with young musicians who are looking to learn their first instrument (outside of guitar lessons, Kevy was also one of my music teachers in middle school and led a number of kid's improv programs which I was also a part of). From my first lesson several years ago, he not only started by teaching me the basic techniques and chords, but prioritized my interests by applying those skills to the songs that I was interested in learning. He has an impeccable ear for music, and can figure out how to play almost any song just by hearing it. On top of focusing on the interests of his students, lessons with Kevy are almost always mixed with a bit of theory, as well as engaging anecdotes and stories about music, pop culture and life in general--you really get to know Kevy and his personality through your lessons with him, and he really gets to know you. Kevy has been a musician all his life, and shares that passion with all his students. You couldn't ask for a more fun, exciting and engaging teacher!

David K.    
Kevy is a deeply skilled artist and a very solid instructor that is able to convey both the technical fundamentals and the overall strategy and mindset of a large variety of playing styles and famous guitarists in each style. He works to understand what motivates and inspires the student and plays off of that. I've never had a better instructor!

Logan C.   
From 13 - 17 years old, Kevin was my guitar teacher. In one year I noticed significant growth, by 16 I was probably the best player in my high school. Now I'm 29 and still reflect back on his lessons. With Kevin, you won't only learn guitar, but he knows so much about music history, recording, fixing instruments, the right gear to buy, etc. He's got a great personality and you just want to be around him. By far the best teacher I've had.

Rob R.  
He's creative and open to letting you learn songs that you want to learn. He's incredibly patient and truly loves music and teaching.

Ben R.   
Kevy is an easy going guy with a fun approach to music teaching. No matter what level you are at, he will help you improve as a player

Max R.  
I took lessons with Kevy for about 6 or 7 years and throughout that time, my confidence as a musician grew exponentially. Not only did he modify the lessons to my skill level, but he also gave me excellent lessons in music theory that still come in very handy in my musical endeavors to this day. I had tried a couple different teachers before him, but I enjoyed his lessons because he actually took an interest in what I wanted to play whereas other teachers would make me play out of a lesson book. He has a very extensive knowledge of guitar, ukulele, and bass, and none of this goes to waste when he teaches.

Forrest F.   
Freakin' awesome. He really gets into the depth of HOW to play the guitar, doesn't just show you a bunch of Slash riffs, but he'll show you what Slash knows so you can make your own! It's fun, and he gets you up and running fast. Excellent instructor!!!!

Mia W.   
Kevin makes lessons fun and tailors his approach to the musical interests of each student. His students love to jam with him as he is an active participant in his music lessons. He creates an environment where music is approachable and students aren't afraid to make mistakes, try again, and stretch their knowledge and skill with playing an instrument. I would highly recommend Kevin as a music teacher to people of all ages and abilities.

Jennifer and Oscar    
No one else on the Coastside knows the electric guitar better than Kevin. He has an incredibly deep repertoire across all rock genres from Chuck Berry through Slipknot and beyond so that he can teach whatever music his students are interested in. At the same time, he pushes his students to learn the chords and other technical aspects of electric guitar and music in general so they can be well-rounded, skilled musicians. We highly recommend Kevin.

Judi E.    
Kevy has a no nonsense approach to teaching guitar. You learn guitar by learning 'songs'. No repetitious scales or details about music. Just a common sense approach to the enjoyment of it. He always asks you 'What are you working on now?'. And if you are creative and like to write music, he will accompany you and give you lots of support. He has always supported me in my musical endeavors! :) And I miss that! You will be ahead of the game if you study with Kevy Nova!

Allison S.   
Great Teacher Helped me learn guitar despite me being left handed

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