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Kevy Nova: Other Music

Other Music You Will Like.


SEZU is one of my absolute favorite Bay Area bands. Great original songs played by great musicians! I highly recommend following them!


A female duo playing the BEST original Indie Folk music you'll hear. They have GREAT songs and put on one hell of a show. Totally worth seeing!

Ken Voorheis

Ken Voorhies writes really deep songs and has a wonderful, soulful voice. His CD is really great, and I'm not just saying that because I played lead guitar on a few tracks. ;-) 


Three incredible musicians playing Prog Rock. They will leave your jaw on the floor.

Harold Fethe

Harold is a jazz guitarist extraordinaire. Every time I hear him, I learn something new about the guitar.

David Thompson

David is an excellent songwriter with a couple of really good Blues/Rock CDs. Give him a listen!

EMJ Jazz Trio

Classic Jazz on Bass, Drums and Guitar. These guys are GOOD!


A great Bay Area singer/songwriter. If you like acoustic guitar songs with great singing and deep, personal lyrics, you'll love tracyshaun!

Anthony Bello

Anthony is a super talented Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist with catchy songs.

Slanted House

Another cool band from Pacifica.

Groovy Judy

Groovy Judy is the Bay Area's psychedelic sweetheart! If Jimi had a sister...

Dune Tran
One of my favorite Bay Area singer/songwriters.
Bad Jacket

An original Rock Band based in Pacifica, CA.

Phoebe Erler

Phoebe is yet another hidden gem, but I bet not for long.

Diego Picetti

Not only is Diego one of the best electric guitarists I know, he's a truly beautiful human being as well.

Nomi Harper

Nomi is a very folksy/bluesy/soulful singer/songwriter who I sometimes get the pleasure of playing with. A woman of many talents.

Five Eyed Hand

One of the Bay Area's busiest and jazziest jam bands.

Mike McCall - San Francisco Spanish Guitarist

If you are looking for Spanish Guitar, this is the guy to go to.


I don't know these guys but a friend of mine LOVES them.

The Peat-Fire Flame

You may not be Scottish but I guarantee that you will think you are after listening to this incredible duo!

Things to make you Laugh.

Emo Philips
Treat yourself to my favorite comedian!
A Comedy Of Horrors
Not Safe For Work (or children for that matter), this site has all kinds of funny stuff.